Monday, April 7, 2008

Ways on How to Promote On-line

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Internet marketing is such a trend nowadays. Almost everyone does it. They do it for their business, for web site promotion, for their blogs and some even market themselves to find a partner in life. There are a couple of ways to this and here is a list of them.

  • Article

Creating an article is an effective way to make visitors from other sites notice you. But of course, the topic of the article should be related to your site or blog. The reason for this is because at the bottom of the page there is a resource box where an author can promote or recommend a website that is related to the topic. This is mostly done by web site owners.

  • Press Release

Press release is about a specific product or specific services that you are offering. You can also write about what's new with your web site or company. And at the bottom of the page its all about the company itself and not the author. From there, you can put a link going to your site.

  • Ads

Creating ads is a common thing for almost everyone. There are ads for selling all kinds of items. Name it and they got it. Be it tangible or intangible products. What makes the difference is how would you attract visitors to click on your site. Some use three asterisks, some use all caps font and more.

  • Blogs

A blog or weblog is an online diary or chronology thoughts (ref: This is the new technology that lets a person write as if he/she is writing in a diary or journal. The topic can be anything under the sun so whatever it is being offered can be “blogged” for more promotion.

  • Forums

In my opinion, this is the most effective way to promote. Just make sure that the forum has active members so that you can get replies faster. But remember not to promote blatantly because you maybe accused of spamming and receive an infraction as a result. You can even be banned for this.

Internet marketing plays a vital role in the status of a website. Constant promotion helps a lot in achieving the goal in accordance to the number of visitors that a web site has. They are many ways to promote a website. But keep in mind to always follow rules be it in submissions or in joining forums. Never spam because it will only give you a bad reputation.

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